Specialization in the field of physical security and gap analysis and risk assessment surveys:​

Managing any organization’s security system, no matter the company’s size, is an area of vast importance, due to the many risks and dangers that the company is routinely exposed to from the outside, as well as from within. Shortcomings and failings within any security system can greatly influence a company and its operations, at times threatening the company’s very existence. Constructing an effective physical security solution requires careful mapping of all company sites and facilities, identifying existing security shortcomings and combining all known existing security-related information with facts pertaining to the company’s daily work processes. To effectively circumvent existing challenges and provide superior security services, much knowledge and experience in the establishment of security systems within corporations is the key to success.


Cross Border Security, specializes in providing clients with superior physical security services, denying perpetrators physical access to personnel, facilities, equipment and resources and preventing harm or damage from being caused in criminal or terrorist events. The company additionally expertly performs gap analysis and risk assessment surveys, in order to better understand all potential motivating factors pertaining to the perpetrator (goals, methods, quality of implementation, aides, time needed), as well as  areas of increased risk and susceptibility to perpetrators, to ensure that the client remains safe and secure.


The concentric protective distribution system PDS- (Prevention Deterrence Spheres) model developed by Cross Border Security is a key instrument in the management of superior physical security services, allowing for the systemic management of any business’ facilities, products and assets. Five concentric circles pertain to the field of physical security, each one deeper within the facility’s secure physical structure:

1.In the first, outermost circle, exterior parking lots, lighting, pedestrian and motor vehicle entryways, fences and security posts are examined and improved upon to maximize visibility and impenetrability, as needed.

2.In the second circle, once a person has entered through the facility’s front door, reception desks and office entryways are secured to allow only those granted entry to continue through. Security cameras keep an eye on every move made by visitors, employees and suppliers alike.

3.In the third circle, development labs and the production floor is examined and monitored for shortcomings, possible breach risks and asset leaks.

4.In the fourth circle, departments are compartmentalized and access to areas, information, assets and the company safe is only given according to need.

5.In the fifth and final, innermost circle rests the security control room; the company’s eyes and ears. There, everything is monitored and instructions to take action are given, should the need arise. 


Cross Border Security’s physical security services cover the following fields:


Industrial security:


Cross Border Security provides its customers with the ultimate industrial security package, ensuring that a company or organization’s physical structure and sensitive or classified information remain safely within company hands and far from the reach of moles, leakers and the competition. The services provided include multiple steps, actions and protocols, set into motion following a scrupulous risk assessment process. Each company is presented with security measures that fit its unique needs. Personally-tailored security protocols with respect to archive and records security, public relations and communication security and computer technology security are developed and regularly updated to include the following work-related issues as they arise: work environment, reception and disposal of paperwork, storage and treatment of printed information, destruction of sensitive documents, archive management and company protocols. Company employees are educated on relevant security measures and are periodically monitored for their reliability as loyal members of a tight, secure corporation.


AEO - Authorized Economic Operator:


Cross Border Security takes part in securing the merchandise belonging to Authorized Economic Operators (AEO); business officials approved by the Customs Authority to take part in more lenient international trade. In addition to benefiting from the generous bureaucratic leniencies, companies approved to take part in the AEO program who have successfully implemented the required security measures (as provided by security companies such as Cross Border Security) enjoy greater efficiency in the management of their chain of supply, experience reduced theft risk and increase their revenues. The Cross Border team manages the entire border security process. Precaution is taken to ensure that the company holds valid security policy and training certificates. Shipping containers, their contents and the structures within which they are stored are monitored and secured while in transit and once docked at their ports of destination. Employees, as well as partners in trade, are examined and monitored for reliability prior to and following their engagement.


Operational security:


Cross Border Security provides companies and organizations with superb operational security services, preventing unclassified information from being lost or used against the company by a competitor or any other antagonistic source and enabling businesses to safeguard the revenues they have fairly and expertly accrued. The Cross Border team’s operational security services include taking measures to prevent the loss of any of the company’s physical products, as well as setting up protocols to prevent the company from experiencing any form of undue financial loss, directly influencing the profit margin experienced by the company as a result of its activities. This is done by examining each company, its employees, suppliers and facilities in depth with the help of risk assessment and gap analysis surveys, identifying “weak spots” and establishing new security protocols to strengthen the company’s hold over its essential assets and patents. The company’s facility, assets and public relations are continuously monitored, preventing “new” risks from surfacing.


Consulting and guidance of organizations, companies and authorities regarding security and safety during mega events:


Cross Border Security provides its clients with top-notch security consulting and guidance services to maximize security and control over the company’s physical and intellectual assets and employees, even during mega security events. Company facilities are assessed for potential security-related risk. The buildings’ safety and security needs are defined. Structural alteration recommendations are made. Emergency security protocols and plans are documented, so that all company members and employees know where to go, what measures to take and which emergency response teams and authorities to contact, should such an event take place. Cross Border Security further plans, runs and supervises licensed staged emergency security drills, readying company employees for action should a real security emergency occur in the future. The company’s sites are thus optimally secured from a physical perspective, and the facilities’ employees are incomparably educated on how to safeguard the facilities, themselves and each other, during potential security mega events.


Installation of technical security systems:


The Cross Border Security team installs state of the art technical security systems, including access control, closed-circuit television monitoring systems (CCTV), and all types of warnings - alarms, for companies and organizations. Prior to installation, the sites are inspected and company officials are spoken to, to determine each facility’s security needs, what specific monitoring equipment is of the essence and where exactly the security system’s components should ideally be installed, to maximize the system’s effectiveness. The security systems are strategically set up within the company’s facilities, capturing every room, corridor and stairwell, so that any physical security breach is immediately captured and recorded on closed-circuit cameras. The buildings’ outer perimeters are additionally outfitted with security devices, meant to artfully identify and nab suspicious-looking persons before they even enter the facility. The installed technical security system is then tested to ensure its functionality. Adjustments are made as necessary, providing the company with optimal security monitoring performance.


Examination of employees/suppliers for reliability:


Cross Border Security conducts in-depth examinations of a company or an organization’s employees and strategic suppliers, in order to most accurately determine their reliability and trustworthiness with respect to taking part in maintaining the company’s physical safeguarding. The company’s existing supplier and employee screening process prior to engagement is studied and modified to weed out potentially unreliable new recruits. At the same time, human resource procedures already in place for junior and senior employees and strategic suppliers currently on contract are examined and altered (if necessary) to prevent the company’s recurring exposure to unfilial workers. Risk assessment and gap analysis techniques are employed. The company’s management is alerted in the event that any employees or strategic suppliers are determined to be “weak links,” likely to serve as an accomplice in a physical security breach, attempted theft, or any other physical emergency on company grounds.


Training, guidance and supervision of intellectual security and ongoing security protocols:


Cross Border Security provides all company employees with superior training and guidance regarding the upholding of the company’s physical boundaries and sensitive intellectual information and property in order to prevent break-ins, or the devaluing, fraud or looting of company assets. The company’s security protocols and each employee’s’ adherence to them are constantly supervised, to maximize security levels within the organization. Employees and strategic suppliers are educated in-depth about the company’s physical and intellectual security needs, as well as about personal security measures and how to act in order to evade and thwart physical and intellectual security threats and emergency events. Employees and strategic suppliers are further educated about the fact that consumers have a certain degree of access to the organization’s specialized information and products, and are instructed on how to navigate around delicate company information when in contact with customers and avoid leaking sensitive details about the company and its assets.