Consulting and guidance of organizations​

Consulting and guidance of organizations, companies and authorities experiencing operational/economic crises:


Cross Border Security provides exemplary consulting and guidance services to organizations, companies and official authorities experiencing operational and/or economic crises, imparting upon them advice on how to cope with and rectify the ongoing crisis situation. The Cross Border team equips the company with real-time scenario-appropriate advice and measures for handling the critical event, drastically limiting the potentially crippling effects of the crisis on the organization’s strategic or business goals, profitability, reputation and ability to continue to operate effectively. An emergency operations center is set up, from which the company is provided with guidance on how to recover from the disastrous event within a logical timeframe. Even if a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and backup or contingency plan (CP) has yet to be determined, the Cross Border team, experts in emergency management and recovery, is able to approach the emergency operations center table and successfully guide the company in its response to the event. 


Training, guidance and supervision of BCP-DRP protocols:


The Cross Border Security team expertly trains and guides company management and approved employees in Business Continuity Program (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) protocols, previously developed and documented according to the company’s unique security needs, so the company can continue to perform and produce its products, even in the event of an emergency or crisis. The team later supervises the protocols’ correct implementation to ensure that the necessary measures are properly adopted to identify the impact of potential losses to the company, maintain superior, realistic recovery strategies and plans in the event of crisis, effectively re-establish information technology services at an alternate, secure site and certify the continuity of company products and services through periodic training and drilling, plan review and maintenance. This includes the running of desktop exercises, during which emergency situations are verbally described and exercise participants review and discuss the actions necessitated according to the BCP-DRP protocols.