Training, guidance and supervision​

Training, guidance and supervision of intellectual security and ongoing security protocols:


Cross Border Security provides all company employees with superior training and guidance regarding the upholding of the company’s physical boundaries and sensitive intellectual information and property in order to prevent break-ins, or the devaluing, fraud or looting of company assets. The company’s security protocols and each employee’s’ adherence to them are constantly supervised, to maximize security levels within the organization. Employees and strategic suppliers are educated in-depth about the company’s physical and intellectual security needs, as well as about personal security measures and how to act in order to evade and thwart physical and intellectual security threats and emergency events. Employees and strategic suppliers are further educated about the fact that consumers have a certain degree of access to the organization’s specialized information and products, and are instructed on how to navigate around delicate company information when in contact with customers and avoid leaking sensitive details about the company and its assets.