Cyber security and intellectual property security and gap analysis and risk assessment surveys:​

Cross Border Security - Security Infrastructure Experts is a security consulting company with expertise in the fields of cyber security and intellectual property. The company specializes in constructing intellectual property security protocols and measures, tailored to each individual business and its need for different levels of security clearance, pre-existing methods for utilizing sensitive business assets, and several other important parameters.


Today, the vast amounts of sensitive information accumulated within businesses “for company eyes only,” are increasingly more susceptible to moles, leaks and corporate espionage. Cyber criminals are better educated in internet hacking, continuing to grow wiser and stealthier and the digital tools available to ordinary, run-of-the-mill people enable just about any external or internal source to gather quality information with relative ease. The concentric protective distribution system PDS- (Prevention Deterrence Spheres) model developed by Cross Border Security is a key instrument in the neutralization of potential security breaches, allowing for the systemic management of any business’ sensitive information and assets:


1. According to the PDS model’s first, outer circle, the business, company or organization is initially examined by Cross Border Security’s team for existing “weak spots,” from which sensitive company information can be leaked or stolen. Risk assessment surveys and gap analysis methods are employed to determine precisely which areas the company needs to modify or strengthen.


2. Then, in the second circle, the company’s various departments are divided up or compartmentalized according to a strategic system to ensure increased security.


3. In the third circle, the security team takes precautions to ensure that the work environment is sterile and devoid of loose sensitive information.


4. In the fourth circle, the security team determines which levels of security clearance will be attributed to which employees, suppliers and company influencers.


5. In the fifth and innermost circle, the company and its facilities are regularly and continuously monitored and supervised via both computerised and HUMINT security systems.


Cross Border Security - Security Infrastructure Experts is committed to providing its customers with superior intellectual property and cyber security protocols - and has a proven track record of success in the field. Cross Border Security’s team of highly-experienced cyber security personnel prides itself in administering top-notch training, guidance and supervision of each company, its members and strategic suppliers in methods proven to secure the company’s facilities, safeguard sensitive company information and assets and prevent corporate espionage:


Prevention of corporate espionage:


Cross Border Security adopts and implements all necessary measures to ensure that the company’s physical and intellectual property remains safeguarded and out of the stealthy reach of the company’s competitors. This is done by mapping the company’s assets according to information categorization and level of theft risk, reviewing the company’s pre-existing intellectual property security protocols for possible present-day failures, creating a list of priorities for correcting said failures and supervising the implementation of corrections within the company’s protocols and activities, while constantly monitoring and assessing all information and knowledge pertaining to the company and its assets. Additional supervision and field control measures keep track of potential misuse or illegal use of the company’s intellectual property and patents by the competition. Cross Border Security additionally compiles an information security handbook according to the ISO 17799 standard for information security, to be presented to the company for reference.


Investigations and business intelligence services:


Cross Border Security expertly runs ongoing investigations, including gap analysis and risk assessment surveys, with respect to the company’s intellectual property security needs in order to remain abreast of the company’s information innovations, new patents and developments and keep the company’s affairs safe and secure; out of the reach of moles, leakers and the competition. One way that this is implemented is by improving the quality and accuracy of the company’s supplier and employee screening process prior to engagement, as well as examining and modifying (if necessary) the human resource procedures already existing for employees in junior and senior positions and strategic suppliers, cleared for exposure to sensitive company information and assets of high financial value. Another way to implement the results of said investigations is in examining potential in-house information security failures and modifying existing protocols to prevent failures from recurring and enabling intellectual security breaches.


Security consulting regarding the physical and logistical planning of sites to ensure security and control:


Cross Border Security provides its clients with superior security consulting services regarding the physical and logistical planning of company facilities, to ensure maximum security and control over company’s physical and intellectual assets. Company buildings are assessed for potential security-related risk and the facilities’ safety and security needs in the event of a future security threat or emergency are defined. The company is then presented with any structural alteration recommendations. Emergency security protocols and plans are documented, so that all company members and employees know where to go, what measures to take and which emergency response teams and authorities to contact, should such an event take place.

Cross Border Security further plans, runs and supervises licensed staged emergency security drills, readying company employees for action should a real security emergency occur in the future. Sites secured by Cross Border Security are thereby optimally secured from a physical perspective, and the facilities’ employees are incomparably educated regarding the facilities’ safeguarding.


Training, guidance and supervision of intellectual and cyber security protocols:


Cross Border Security provides company employees with access to sensitive or high-value business assets with training and guidance regarding the upholding of company intellectual and cyber security protocols, in order to prevent the devaluation or theft of the company’s assets. The company’s security protocols and employees’ adherence to them are continuously supervised, to maintain top security levels within the organization. Employees and strategic suppliers are educated in-depth about the company’s intelligence and security needs, as well as about personal security measures and how to act in order to avoid and counter intellectual and cyber security threats during emergency events. Employees and strategic suppliers are further made aware of the fact that consumers have a certain degree of access or interface to the organization’s specialized information and products, and are guided with respect to navigating around sensitive company information when in contact with customers and avoiding leaking details of the company’s intellectual property.