Cross Border Security - Security Infrastructure Experts is a security consulting and management company, active in the physical security and cyber security market since 1999. As one of the leading companies and organizations in the private sector, Cross Border Security provides ongoing administrative guidance in the fields of physical security, intellectual security, integrity and the management of emergency situations and crises. Experts in planning and implementing security strategies within organizations, our company also provides guidance and manages organizations’ systemic programs, while utilizing the circular PDS- (Prevention Deterrence Spheres) model we developed.


The Chairman of Cross Border Security has over 31 years of experience in the fields of security consulting and preparation for emergency situations in traditional industrial and low and hi-tech frameworks. The company is staffed with members who have formerly held security department managerial positions in various hi-tech companies, are experts in sudden mass-casualty events, and are experienced in the implementation of management strategies and examining work processes and adapting them to be able to be supported by organizations’ policies.


Comprehensive security consulting services are essential to any organization. In light of threats made against countries in the Middle East and our company’s proven operational experience and results in the field, Cross Border Security invites you to utilize and be aided by our professional services.


Cross Border Security’s services include three core fields:



Specialization in the field of physical security and gap analysis and risk assessment surveys:


  1. Industrial security
    1. AEO - Authorized Economic Operator
    2. Operational security
    3. Consulting and guidance of organizations, companies and authorities regarding security and safety during mega events
    4. Installation of technical security systems
    5. Examination of employees/suppliers for reliability
    6. Training, guidance and supervision of intellectual security and ongoing security protocols
  2. Cyber security and intellectual property security and gap analysis and risk assessment surveys:


Prevention of corporate espionage

  • Prevention of corporate espionage
    • Investigations and business intelligence services
    • Security consulting regarding the physical and logistical planning of sites to ensure security and control
    • Training, guidance and supervision of intellectual and cyber security protocols


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Shlomi Adar, President of Cross Border Security,


has over 25 years of experience in the fields of security consulting and preparing industries and hi-tech companies for potential security threats and crises.


Formerly serving as the head of various hi-tech companies’ security and intelligence departments, Shlomi’s expertise regarding sudden mass-casualty events, the implementation of managerial strategies and protocols and the examination and successful adaptation of work processes to fit and be supported by companies’ policies is paramount.



As President of Cross Border Security, Shlomi forms security teams and selects instructors composed of top-level in the Middle East security veterans and industry experts, all equipped with vast knowledge in the many branches of the security industry.